Pedestrian Applications - Automatic Fare Collection

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Pedestrian access control solutions are designed to identify people and grant access to only those that have the appropriate permissions. Additionally, these solutions may be used for optimizing the flow of people - especially at highly trafficked sites. DNH Trade specialises in gates for the automation of fare collection at public transport networks.
  • Closure takes place immediately after passage or after an adjustable hold-open time.
  • Opening and closing times can be programmed to be different from each other
  • The times depend on the height of the glass flaps.
  • Initial position the barrier is closed
  • Operated in one direction only, or in both directions.

Pedestrian barriers developed to control the access of persons under medium to high security requirements.

Width of passage: 500 - 960mm Opening times starting:1.8 - 1.0 sec

Elegant pedestrian gates with low space requirements.

Width of passage: 500 - 900mm Opening times starting:1.5 - 4.0 sec